Fund Raising

Hook A Duck at a Fund Raising Event

We need help with small tasks such as helping in the kitchen or washing up, selling raffle tickets, manning a stall, setting up the hall for an event or clearing away afterwards.

Alternatively if you have skills in event management, are creative, or have ideas for fundraising and are interested in joining our team please get in touch with our chairperson Denise Moss on 01904 761825.

The Board of Trustees have instructed the Fundraising Team to raise money to replace outdated equipment and for many essential maintenance jobs, which are required at the Hall.

None of this work comes cheaply and the Trustees are supported by a small but dedicated group of volunteers who have set up an ongoing programme of fund raising activities.

Wartime Sing-a-Long Helpers

In order for any planned bids for grants and serious funding to be successful, we need to demonstrate the interest and enthusiasm of the local community through their active support of this venture.

Please do not be deterred or under-estimate the value of your contribution. 

What is more important is that the community of Haxby and Wigginton works together for the future development and harmony of the centre of our township.

Yorkshire Fun Day